Retail Outlets

Seven Stars Yogurts are available up and down the East Coast. Choose a state, below, to find a retail store near you.

Mission Statement

  • To explore and implement the concepts and practices of biodynamics.
  • To care for and appreciate the farm in a way which enhances the health of its people, animals, plants and soil.
  • To produce high-quality food in an efficient and harmonious manner.
  • Demonstrating high-quality workmanship, we respect and care for buildings, machinery and tools.

About Seven Stars Farm

Operating since 1987, Seven Stars Farm is a 420 acre certified Biodynamic dairy farm located in northern Chester County, PA. We use the milk from our Jersey and Jersey crossed herd to produce Seven Stars Organic Yogurt. Our yogurt is sold via natural foods distributors throughout the eastern United States. It is available in four 32oz. flavors: Whole Milk Plain, Maple, Vanilla, and our newest addition, Lemon! For our customers who crave a lighter product, we also provide Low-Fat Plain and Low-Fat Maple. Organic maple syrup, organic vanilla extract, organic lemon extract and cultures are the only additional ingredients added to our unhomogenized, pasteurized milk. The result is an old-fashioned, European-style yogurt that is both unique and addictive!

In addition to our yogurt, we now sell pasteurized Heavy Whipping Cream.  Due to our small-scale operation, our cream is only available in a limited number of regional stores. The good news is you can purchase any of our retail products, along with the most delicious beef you have ever tasted, by stopping in at our Seven Stars Farm Store!

Most of all, we want to answer your questions. So please send us your questions/suggestions and we'll do our best to answer them.