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Low Fat Yogurt

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Our two low-fat yogurt flavors are plain and maple.  Like whole milk plain, our customers often prefer low-fat plain because its simple, yet delicious taste is a testament to the stand-alone quality of our yogurt. Plain yogurt is also an excellent choice for those of you who prefer to add your own favorite sweeteners or flavors.

For those of you looking for a lighter product that still satisfies your sweet tooth, our low-fat maple yogurt is the answer. The only extra ingredient added is organic, grade “B” maple syrup. Grade “B” means that it has a darker color and stronger maple flavor then its lighter, more delicately flavored grade “A” counterpart.

When our yogurt leaves the farm it has a firm consistency. But, because we don’t add artificial thickeners, this texture can be easily disturbed. Some customers enjoy shaking their containers until yogurt is in a more liquid state. If you wish to maintain a firmer product, here are some simple rules to live by:  Always keep your yogurt refrigerated; allowing it to warm up will create a looser consistency. Avoid dropping, shaking, stirring or turning the container upside-down. If handled correctly, an unopened, properly refrigerated quart of our yogurt can last well past its sell-by date. 

It should be noted that a wonderful byproduct of our low-fat yogurt is our heavy whipping cream (available in limited regional stores).