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Our Farm

As a biodynamic farm, we look at the relationship of soil, plants, and our animals as an interconnected one. A quality final product begins with a well-balanced farm. In other words, by maintaining healthy and nutrient-rich soil that in turn provides the lush grasses that our cows rely on to produce their protein-rich milk, we can continue to make organic yogurt that makes our customers happy.

 This cycle begins with the treatment of our land. With only 350 acres, we are considered a small farm compared to most, but we continue to replenish the soils nutrients through crop rotation and crop diversification. Our goal is to provide outdoor grazing for our cows whenever it is seasonally available, so we dedicate half our acreage to pasture. The rest of our farmland is used to cultivate small grains and sorghum-Sudangrass used as diet supplement for the cows.

Our herd of Jersey, Jersey-cross milking cows fluctuate from around 60 to 75. We raise all our cows from birth, while normally purchasing our breeding bulls from other farms. After a very brief stint living and feeding from their mothers, our calves are fed six pints of whole milk twice a day for the next three-and-a-half-months.

At 15 months of age, our heifers are ready to be bred. It takes nine months of pregnancy before the cow gives birth to her first calf or “freshens”. The two-year-old cow then joins the rest of the herd for a milking career that for some cows can last well into their teens.

April to November, our cows derive the majority of their diet directly from pasture. They also receive a dietary supplement of homegrown and purchased grains that help them maintain weight, stay healthy and produce more milk.

Our philosophy in raising our cows has always been “natural is better”. Instead of using antibiotics and growth hormones, we maintain a healthy herd by using homeopathic remedies and herbal tinctures. We also don’t de-horn or dock our cows’ tails. The result is a hard-working, healthy and good-natured group of cows.