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What is the difference between Biodynamics and Organics?

This distinction is important because although our farm is certified Biodynamic, our yogurt is made with help of certified organic milk from our organic partner farms. This makes our final product certified organic, but not certified Biodynamic.

One way of describing biodynamics is that it’s a philosophy built upon the foundation of organics. We follow all the principles of organics, using no pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), or synthetic fertilizers to raise our crops and livestock. Instead of using antibiotics and growth hormones, we maintain a healthy herd by using homeopathic remedies and herbal tinctures. We have found this natural way of combating disease to be remarkably effective!

We supplement this foundation of organics, with the biodynamic perspective of looking at the farm as a living organism.  Based on the teachings and spiritual insight of Austrian philosopher Rudolph Steiner, biodynamics recognizes the interconnected relationship of the soil, plants, animals and the cosmos. With the goal of creating a self-sustaining and ecologically balanced farm, we replenish the soil through crop diversification and rotation; and we revitalize the soil’s nutrients by herbal preparations and farm created composts.

The beauty of biodynamics is that its interconnected philosophy encompasses the forging of strong community ties. The creation of lasting partnerships with our local support network has been essential to our small farm’s continued success.

To find out more: Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association’s What is Biodynamics?